DIGI-TRANS replicates the transaction application process carried out in the physical environment to the digital world.

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Introduction to DIGI-TRANS

In the age of convenience, do you need to physically present a written request for a transaction, whether remittance or currency exchange?

DIGI-TRANS is a secure and functional digital transaction creating solution for the financial sector to comply with post Covid-19 operational SOP of social distancing and remote functioning. DIGI-TRANS seamlessly integrates with the remittance functions of financial institutions to push the remittance request of onboarded clients to them.


Introduce DIGI Mobile App to your client and allow him to send his request in a secured environment. The solution can be deployed at the FI level either as a standalone or as an integrated solution. DIGI allows the client to transmit his request in a secured manner to the Financial Institution with whom he has registered his Digi App. While the instructions / request is received in the App, the fund transfer is initiated from his bank account thereby minimizing any probability of misuse. Even when the client visits the branch, he needs to only deposit the supporting funds, instead of queuing up for transfer application etc.

Key Features

DIGI-TRANS is Built on a robust and secure remittance software capable of handling multiple transactions in seconds. Data shared with the participating entity will include all details required as per regulatory requirements including, the UIN of the remitter, remitter name, beneficiary name, amount in LC and FC etc. With API connectivity further customization can be carried out as per requirement of the participating entity. Main Features and Capabilities of the DIGI-TRANS includes:

Verification of liveness

Verification of liveness

Facial biometric authentication

Facial biometric authentication

API Integrations

API Integrations

DIGI-TRANS V/s Regular Transaction?

A transaction at FI whether remittance or currency changing has two parts. The first part is the application request, where the customer using his pre-designated information on beneficiary initiates a transaction. The second part involves collecting the funds in support of the transaction.

DIGI-TRANS replicates the first part i.e. transaction application process carried out in the physical environment to the digital world. The liveness of the applicant and facial recognition is verified in each transaction for the compliance fulfilment. The adoption of the application will reduce the time spent by the client as well as by the FI in collecting the transaction information. Additionally, it is bringing about a digital transformation and ushering in a cashless society. In addition, the customer has the benefit of initiating a transaction at his convenience and time of his choice.



With the DIGI- TRANS app, the user will input his transaction details in 3 easy steps


Once completed, the nominated FI will be intimated of the incoming requests, which will be processed on sighting and matching of funds in the bank. Receipts / Acknowledgements will be issued by the FI as per their laid down procedures.

Benefits of DIGI- TRANS

    To the Clients:

      Time saving and conducting at his convenience without waiting in Queue
      A consolidated transaction statement containing all transactions. Customizable report to fetch FI wise, Date wise or bene wise statement

    To the FI:

      Time and cost saving due to automation of inputs
      Resources can be redeployed for conducting other essential activities like due diligence, monitoring etc.

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