DIGI-SAL is an innovative closed loop digital salary card issued in partnership with participating financial intuitions for WPS card holders.

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Introduction to DIGI-SAL- Infinity Card

DIGI has an innovative card named “Infinity” for the unbanked and underbanked people. DIGI aims to redefine the WPS process for employees and employers by digitalizing the process and making it a contactless process. The infinity card will sit on top of existing WPS mechanism and work as a virtual card in the Mobile App of the user. Besides being used as a closed loop card, the infinity card has multiple built-in benefits, to quote:

      Micro Investments
      Micro Insurance scheme
      Micro Credit and much much more

The card can be used as an add-on for the physical card or as a replacement of the physical card. The virtual card works with a QR code. The merchants onboarded as a payout agent will have their own QR code. Each branch of the FI will also be considered as a merchant location. The WPS customer can use his smart phone to either withdraw cash from the counter of the merchant or pay for his purchases using the QR Code


Key Features

Infinity Card is a fully integrated, customizable product. Coupled with its inbuilt robust technology, the card has additional features like virtual card with dynamic Card number, QR code-based transactions, executing inhouse transfer for remittances under DIGI-TRANS, Micro Investments, Micro Credits and many more exciting features.

Main features and capabilities of the DIGI-SAL includes:

Virtual card

Virtual card

Additional built-in biometric

Additional built-in biometric
identification security features

API integrations

API integrations



Using Infinity Card

The Infinity Card is used with the app as a virtual closed loop card for the users. The card can also be used for disbursing WPS salaries by the participating WPS agents. The withdrawal for these users will be enabled by the use of e-POS and /or use of QR code-based applications available with the participating WPS agents and merchants.

While using Infinity Card, the users are identified by the merchant by scanning the QR code of the user or allow the user to scan the QR code of the merchant. Once identified, the user can proceed to use his card, using his T-PIN and confirm the amount required to be utilized.

A user initiating a transfer request from the DIGI-TRANS module can instruct the participating WPS agent to utilize the available balance for the remittance. Once advised, FI will keep the funds in hold and utilize it to settle the transaction. This ensures that the user and the remitting agent are fully protected of any fraudulent attempts.

Why Infinity

Infinity Card is the digital solution for the WPS offerings of an approved agent. It is a secured closed loop solution within the control of the institution and provides an instant solution for the payment of smaller amounts of salaries which are not disbursed by ATM’s. Since the mobile app is the medium between the user/employee and the WPS agent, the risk of theft and misrepresentation are taken care.


    To the user

    ◈ Ability to have full details of salaries at the touch of a button

    ◈ Seamless experience for remittance

    ◈ Can withdraw till 0 balance

    To the Agent

    ◈ No change in WPS process

    ◈ Possibility of API with WPS system

    ◈ Can increase the WPS clients with the digitalization

Also available is an option to use the switch enabled open loop cards


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