DIGI-Q enables companies to streamline and expediate services in a physical setup using intelligent appoint scheduling, yet complying with government rules.

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Introduction to DIGI-Q

A satisfied customer will not only return to you but will refer more customers. Offer a safe and convenient experience to your customers by transforming to a digital queuing. DIGI introduces a you to DIG-Q the virtual queue manager for a seamless experience to the customer and also to comply with the social distancing norms. The current pandemic has led to several changes in the way a person transacts. Social distancing and other measures for the safety of the employees and the public are the norm of the day. To help the FI to comply with the norms, DIGI-Q can be used by the user to schedule his visit to the branch. Digi-Q can either be added on to an existing queue management system to make it mobile friendly or can be used as a standalone product.


Key Features

DIGI-Q is offered in a SaaS option and is customizable as per the requirement of the client. It could be an enterprise-wide i.e. multiple locations or location specific The virtual queue manager will allot time slot to the user with the consent of the participating entities to schedule his visit based on the number of persons in the premises. DIGI-Q can be either be added on to an existing queue management system to make it mobile friendly or can be used as a standalone product. For entities which intend to introduce a queue management process, this can be provided as an in-store product on a kiosk or a tablet. This can also be customized to alert the user of his upcoming appointment or as an alert of the number of persons in the queue. Available in the App Store and the Play store, the Mobile App connects the user to your systems and allocates the time.

Using DIGI-Q

The user logs into his account and selects the preferred slot for visiting the front office mentioning the services desired to be used. The user can select the nearest location by using the in-built "find a nearest location" utility, which will guide him with a map based location finder. Based on the settings and the availability, his appointment is confirmed and now he can walk in at his convenient time to complete his work in a seamless manner. In case, the user wishes to cancel or modify his earlier request, he can use the in-built menu. The FI can customize the appointment time based on the probable TAT for each service offered by them. In case, of a standalone process, the FI may also blackout time-slots from the time slots to cater to his walk in customers or due to shift workings at his store.


DIGI-Q enables the user to check the available time slots and choose the most convenient to visit the store for conducting his preferred transaction. It allots time either automatically or on the preference of the user. Once approved by the agent, an e-token is sent back to the user. The user will be accorded priority over other walk-in customers and is an effective tool to overcome crowding at premises. On the one hand it enables you to deploy your staff more productively and efficiently based on the anticipated customers and on the other, the user will be benefitted as he would not be required to queue up and wait to finish his work at the merchant place. This is an essential product for all who want to comply with new SOP introduced to minimize crowding during the Covid situation.


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